this is very off topic and ridiculous but my friend just called me asking for sex advice with her friend who lives in germany and woW PEOPLE READ THIS BLOG IN OTHER COUNTRIES?????? I LITERALLY FEEL SO AMAZING RIGHT NOW?????? 


I sincerely hope I helped, and I’m really flattered that people dig my advice and stuff wow. 

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So I'm gonna have my first threesome soon, any tips?

CONGRATS things to remember

  • as with anything bring protection, JUST IN CASE. Chances are you’re covered, but if you aren’t, be prepared!
  • lube is also good to have too. Doesn’t matter what kind of threesome you are having, I can guarantee that some holes are gonna need some slippage
  • be considerate of the group- remember, everyone is here to have a good time! Make sure to pay equal attention to all the group members. If one persons already gotten off, focus on the next, and so on. Be fair, take turns!
  • respect peoples boundaries
  • do NOT get attached. just. don’t. Whether you are invited to participate with a couple, or you are in the couple or whatever, do not let your emotions make this messy. Understand that threesomes are temporary arrangements.
  • make sure there is like, a debriefing process or something. Like before the sex you talk about stuff you do and don’t want to do, or what your’e into, boundaries, etc. 
  • and last, HAVE FUN. LET LOOSE. this is your chance to go crazy, TAKE ADVANTAGE!

thats about it!

pretty much the same etiquette for regular sex. 

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With all the questions you get about getting pregnant, you would think they would get on birth control daily and buy pregnancy test, if they really wanted to know!!!

Well, listen, I try and be a little understanding. I used to think that EVERYONE should be on birth control because it worked so well for me, but I soon learned that not everyone is like me, some people for whatever reason can’t go on birth control. I mean, my very best friend is having ALOT of issues with her birth control because it fucks with her body chem and gives her these CRAZY and random panic attacks. It also makes her mood and have weird periods. Shes miserable on it, but really scared to have sex without it. Another girl I know really can’t afford it, but condoms are free on campus so she uses those. Another girl I know actually got pregnant while on the pill and had to get an abortion and now shes terrified to go back on it for whatever reason. There is alot of factors. 

but still, I 100% advocate for BC usage, as long as you find a method that works for you and has more benefits than costs for you personally. Sometimes you just arent able to take BC, and thats OK, as long as you find other ways to protect yourself (sometimes sacrifices must be made ladies!)

but yes I do get alot of pregnancy questions. But I dont mind. As I have made a decision to not have kids in my lifetime, I like researching the intricacies on how to avoid them every way possible. :)

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Idk if you'd be able to ans this, but my bf and I were making out fully clothed. But I got really wet it seeped on my shorts. It was quite a big patch. My bf got wet in the toilet but didn't clean up and his underwear got wet. I'm not sure if it seeped onto his bermudas, but could there be a possibility I'm preg if there was close contact of our genital areas (still fully clothed)? My period is 19days late and I had 2 neg tests. I'm 17 and my period has been rather regular I'm scared ;(

Girl I think you are OK. Yes, ok, there are horror stories of people who got pregnant because there was sperm near their vagina, or it got on their underwear, or that it SEEPED THROUGH THEIR PANTS OH NO.

Listen sperm does not have vagina homing technology. The chances of it being able to travel through the thin material of underwear and INTO the vagina is slim (possible, but very slim). The chances of sperm reaching the vagina through jeans, or other thicker materials is EVEN SLIMMER.

And listen, even if sperm reaches you vagina you don’t always get pregnant 100% of the time you know? I feel like people have such a phobia, like sperm is some poison that gets you pregnant ALL OF THE TIME, NO ONE IS SAFE, EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT WILL RESULT IN A PREGNANCY. No dude. no. relax. The chances of getting pregnant when sperm is in contact with the vagina (instead of being propelled by ejaculation inside the vagina) is probably about 30%, and any obstructing materials past that cut that number into fractions. Re. Lax. 

Yes, ok, I guess, HYPOTHETICALLY its possible but its so unlikely that I wouldn’t worry at all. wait until your period, if you get it, wait a week and take a pregnancy test JUST to make sure. If you do NOT get your period, do not panic yet. Still take a pregnancy test and plan from there. 

as for your late period, this could be from stress (you are hella stressing yourself out, and thats a HUGE factor. I mean, when I was your age my period would disappear during finals because I was so stressed out) or other biological factors. But honestly, if you are REALLY scared please just go to the doctor, request a blood pregnancy test (which is 100% accurate) and plan from there. 

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So I'm a virgin. My boyfriends not. Last person he was with was a tiny tall Asian. I'm 5'2 and am in okay shape. He's 6'5. I'm totally ready to do it with him but I'm so frightened of how big he is and the pain that will come from it. How do I, physically, prepare myself?

Well, I will put your fears to rest by telling you that as long as you are properly lubricated and go slowly, you should not feel TOO much pain. A little pressure, yes, but the moment you feel pain (like something sharp, or tearing, or an uncomfortable dry rubbing) STOP and go slower or apply lube. 

the vagina is made the accommodate the size of a penis (within reason of course. anything over 10 inches is going to be uncomfortable no matter what, but I mean have you ever MET someone with a 10 inch penis? I havent. nor do I want to be involved with that person. moving on) with proper lubrication. Foreplay is a REQUIREMENT. you can’t just go into this dry. If you think that foreplay wont make you wet enough, use lubricant as a supplement (this goes without saying but if you use lube, make sure to apply it on the inside of the vagina too, as deep as you can go.)

And then when youre all lubed up, make sure your guy goes S L O W. Like I mean slow. First few times he enters you should be really slow and easy, because you are stretching your hymen. You should feel a sort of pressure. Once you get used to this, let him go faster. Basically, play this part by ear. Let him thrust as quickly as you can handle, and if you feel pain at any time TELL HIM TO STOP AND EASE UP. 

I know it sounds tedious, but its the best way to avoid sore junk/a broken/bleeding hymen/PAIN IN THE MORNING. 

before the sex you could try some fingering on your own, just to see what it feels like. I did this back when I was still a virgin, but it really doesn’t fully prepare you for a flesh and blood penis, but it gives you a feeling. 

Hope this helped! remember, don’t be nervous, cause itll just make you tense up your muscles. When I lost my vcard (and I lost it to a pretty well endowed dude, and my vagina is built like a 12-year-olds.)I reminded myself that people have been losing their virginity since the beginning of time, and that I could handle this. Even if it was awful, this is the first of many, and I have plenty of time to perfect the art. I was right! So relax, get lubed up, and go slow. :)

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Best sex you ever had?

This isnt really sex ADVICE soooo???? This blog isnt just for me to detail my sexcapades, its to help people. For raunchy stories (if I feel like it) hit up my personal blog.

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wait you had a threesome?


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I've been on the pill for a week. And mym an and I literally had sex 2 hours ago and he came inside me. Please tell me I am safe from children...? Help

WELP. It depends on the pill. You could be taking either a combination pill, or a progestin only pill (I do not know any other types, but if there are, someone let me know

Combination pills have two hormones — estrogen and progestin:

  • If you start within five days after the start of your period, you are protected against pregnancy right away. You will not need to use a backup method of birth control. That means that if your period starts on a Wednesday morning, you can start the pill up to Monday morning to be protected right away.
  • If you start at any other time during your menstrual cycle, you will be protected from pregnancy after seven days. Use another method of birth control if you have vaginal intercourse during the first week of use.

Progestin only pills:

  • You can start the progestin-only pill at any time. Use another method of birth control if you have vaginal intercourse during the first 48 hours of progestin-pill use — protection will begin after two days.
  • Taking the progestin-only pill at the same time each day is essential. If you take it more than three hours past the regular time, you need to use a backup method of birth control for 48 hours after taking the late pill.

As a general rule for myself, I make sure I take it a whole month (an entire menstrual cycle) before I ditch the condoms. Most Doctors (mine included) recommend using a condom the first month of taking the pill because generally efficiency can’t be 100% guaranteed until that point. 

If I were you I would take a morning after, wait a month, and take a pregnancy test. You’ll have to plan accordingly after you get the results. Take you birth control consistently and use a condom for at least a month to be safe!

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Sorry this is a duplicate ask. I just really need help. An ex girlfriend I'm still on good terms with has tentatively invited me into a polyamorous BDSM relationship with her and two others minimum. I'm so starved of physical and emotional intimacy that I'm actually considering saying yes, should the offer become more concrete. Can you help me with pros and cons?

Honestly, why not? I had a pair of friends that offered the same thing to me a while back. Don’t knock it til you try it, if you are into that sorta thing!

Here are some things to consider

  • Dont think of it as IM SO THIRSTY TO HAVE MY NEEDS MET cause its not like that. These are two people who trust you enough to let you into their bed and into their relationship. Respect that by only accepting if you WANT to do this, not that you are horny and need a release.
  • Remember that you are a visitor in their relationship. During the sex, expect to be doted on since you essentially are their new toy. But remember, this is temporary. Do NOT get involved if the feels develop (unless the feels are mutually felt throughout the group and discussed). 
  • As with all BDSM, discuss whats ok, whats not, ect
  • this is your chance to try new things, so make sure to mention them to your sig others and see what they think!
  • there is alot of freedom in polyamory (sp???); you can explore new stuff (like double penetration!) that you wouldnt be able to with a singular partner. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. 
  • always remember to be considerate of the group. If someone isnt into a thing, then don’t force the thing on them. They should pay you the same respect. 

thats really all. I honestly think that these kinda things are healthy, if thats what you are into, and can give you alot of insight on what you like. Also, word to the wise, they are really really REALLY fun. Its like…a sexy party ok, the more the merrier. 

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Hey, to that anon with the finger sucking question - my fwb loves it when I suck on his fingers. I've asked him why and he said that it's a visual thing - he likes looking at me sucking on things like lollipops and spoons as well, simply because they're long and they go in my mouth. He also said that it's really warm and soft in my mouth - the way your pussy feels. It just feels really good to have that warm, wet pressure on highly sensitive areas, such as fingers.


I mean, ok I get it but like????? boys is this true???